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Why MyGroupSpace?

MyGroupSpace is an online collaboration space that helps you organize, track and work on ideas and projects with anyone. It’s perfect for remote workers, consultants and project managers. Use MyGroupSpace to store documents, share ideas, assign tasks, create milestones and keep everybody up-to-date about progress.

Need to get organized but don't have the tools? Many projects running at once? No one seems to remember who does what anymore? With MyGroupSpace, break up your work into separate groups with everything related in one spot - all people involved, discussions, documents and tasks - so we'll never forget again!

Overwhelmed, Lost Track?

MyGroupSpace makes it easy to see everything at once. Everything is right at your fingertips.

Stop Wasting Time!

Emails, chat messages, meeting times — juggling all these things leads to missed deadlines and wasted time.

Manage Client Expectations

Projects are more fun when you work together. Make your projects a success with MyGroupSpace.

Emails out of control

Getting people organised without relying on emails and messages. A shared work space for teams.

Happy Clients


Hours Of Support

Hard Workers

Matthew Anderson

Remote worker / Digital Nomad

Stopped looking in multiple places for our work. I just feel much more organized.

Sara Wilsson


I feel much more organized. In sync in one place. MyGroupSpace provides an excellent place to collaborate with your team online. I use it for my project management business and absolutely love it!

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

It’s been a lifesaver. Easy to get started and to understand. I run a small business, and I've been using My GroupSpace for about five months now. I started out with the free plan and upgraded to the Ultimate plan about three months ago.

Matt Brandon


MyGroupSpace is simple, easy to use and best of all, it works. I love the fact that my clients can easily share files, send messages, schedule meetings and find out about new products we offer.

John Larson


MyGroupSpace is the first online work space that I have been using for several months and it really makes my life so much easier!


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  • 1 Group
  • 3 Users
  • 100 Mb online storage

Larger Teams

$22 / month

  • All the Features!
  • 20 Groups
  • 40 Users
  • 50 Gb online storage

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  • All the Features!
  • ?? Groups
  • ?? Users
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is MyGroupSpace for?

    I built MygroupSpace for myself! Most of my time working is spent working at home, often switching between different clients, asking and answering questions. Sharing files and setting up meetings. I needed a space where I could invite my clients so they could contribute back and forwards in real time. This is for anyone that needs to share a virtual work space with any one online.

  • There are a number of similar services like MyGroupSpace such as Bascamp, Teamwork etc. Some of these are great services that are well suited for a number of users needs. I wanted an easy use system that I could set up multiple groups each with different clients that I could easily switch between and importantly see a view of my tasks (or posts, day plan etc) showing together for all groups (clients) in a single view.

  • I have 25 years experience building enterprise applications since the early days of the internet and am still directly involved in delivering large scale projects for government agencies in secure cloud hosted environments. MyGroupSpace is built with privacy and security as considerations right from the ground up. The base solution is regularly tested by 3rd party security and penetration services for vulnerabilities.

  • Your data is stored in physically secure MS Azure data centers with the highest physical and virtual security accreditation possible. Your data is always encrypted when sitting at rest in our database and in transit between us and your computer. Your data will never be mined by us, sold or passed on to any 3rd party for any reason unless required by law enforcement. In fact our system has no in built way to access your data without a valid login that only you control.

  • MyGroupSpace is a solo effort by myself built over a couple years in spare time. It started as an exercise to freshen my skills using some interesting new technologies I wanted to learn and I really just didn't stop! The next part of that journey is to put it out there to see if it can also help other people solve the same day to day remote work problems I wanted to solve.


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